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Time for You: Let the Relief and Support Begin!

From cleaning help to escaping responsibilities for even an hour, at Project Menucha, our many services ensure that you are well taken care of and supported.  Get pampered, relax, and inhale the personal care and sweet relief of sharing the burden and taking a break. 


It’s time for you!

Get Friendly
  • Social Hour: Hang out with other moms! Go to brunch, enjoy a night out or just meet up to chat.  

  • Get-a-way:  You’re not dreaming! Go on an all-expense paid trip or an overnight getaway, with other moms.

  • Monthly Events: Inspirational speakers on relevant topics, engaging social exercises and more.
Heart Support
  • Therapeutic Help: Meet with a licensed therapist or join a group participation program for moms to share, connect, and gain valuable guidance.

  • Self-development Workshops:  Learn coping skills that work, receive parent education from experts and enjoy fun, recreational classes. 

  • Parenting Breather:  Get a chance to relax while volunteers take your children on exciting outings.

  • Stress-free Bonding Time: Enjoy weekly fun and entertaining activities for you and your children. ​(Coming soon)

Money Matters
  • Shed the stress: Funding for cleaning help, housekeeping services, Yom Tov expenses and more.

  • Advocacy Assistance:  Receive our help in finding and hiring quality res-hab workers, respite care and home health aides. 

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