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Dear Super-Mother.

Let us Mother you.

You are a

Super Mother.

You take your child with special needs from appointment to appointment. Schedule therapies.

Deal with tantrums.

Handle crises.

Manage insurance claims.

Meet with Board of Ed.

Endless hours of paperwork.

All while juggling life's responsibilities.

The list is endless.

WE know YOU'RE

a Super Mother.


But even mothers need mothering.

You need a break.

You need time.

You need support.

You need others who understand - not because they've studied you,

but because they live like you. 

You need to know you're not alone!

You need to laugh, breath, be.

Just for a moment.

And we have lots of these moments, all stored up for you, at Project Menucha.

We are your sanctuary. Physically. Emotionally. Financially. 

Whatever type of support you need, at Project Menucha, WE are going to mother you.

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